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Welcome To Perfectly Me

In 2013 I began collaborating with Perth photographer Julie Brooker to create a book, a website and an awesome entity called Perfectly Me.

Fed up with the bombardment of images in the media of stereotype bodies impossibly sculpted, photoshopped and styled for ‘perfection’… I wanted to contribute images of real unique daily beauty to the world. The people I know in my life are BEAUTIFUL in their own gloriously unique ways. And so am I! None of us are models, and I rarely see ‘our type’ portrayed in the media. I decided to add our images to the media – to represent we ‘the ordinary beautiful’ in the perfection of all of our shapes and sizes and looks.

But I could do more: we are not just bodies – we have intimate stories of experience behind life in our unique bodies, I could tell these stories as well!

Inspired by Jade Beall’s Beautiful Body Project, Taryn Brumfitt’s Body Image Movement, and many others, I commenced our project, broadening the project scope to include women and men.

So Julie and I began; and we began with ourselves, knowing that if we were going to ask others to share their bodies with the world, we’d better be willing to do the same! It was a great experience, as we felt the vulnerability, awkwardness, fun, doubt, and ultimate liberation of the being in front of the camera both clothed and, well, naked.

Next we put the call out for participants, and blow-me-down people responded! Some with hesitation and curiosity, some with enthusiasm and gusto, but respond they did. We booked each participant in for a studio photo shoot with Julie, and a recorded conversation with me. I had questions to prompt their thinking, and they spoke eloquently, honestly, thoughtfully, hilariously and poignantly about their journey in their body. They spoke of their experiences with the challenges of ill health, aging, beauty standards, fertility, fitness, society pressures, self-image, mind-body connection, physical ambitions, gratitude and hopes. They spoke of what they love about their bodies, how they treat their bodies, and how they experience life through their unique body conditions.

And though we recognised the importance of our stories, Perfectly Me is about each individual in their body in THIS moment in time: this age, this fitness level, this health status, this degree of happiness etc. It’s about now, more than a past story. Every single person was beautifully photographed in a unique moment of their life. Their bodies will change, the way they think and feel about their bodies will change, and the stories they tell about their bodies will change. Change is inevitable as a human, but here they are in this moment, being perfectly themselves.

So, 18 beautiful participants later, we knew it was time to put this thing together.

‘This thing’ is predominantly a book. A full colour, glossy paged, beautiful book. Each chapter includes up to 10 photos of each participant dressed first in their personal style, and then in partial or full nudity. All photos are honest depictions of these wonderful people photographed through the lens of kindness, love and acceptance.

This project and its messages of self-love and acceptance are so important – we want to share it widely, and invite the world into Perfectly Me.

So, welcome. Have a look around the site, buy the book, read the blog, and enjoy this space just as much as we do.

And be kind to your body. It’s perfectly you.