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How to be Weight-Neutral… (and why you’d want to be.)

Photo credit: Danielle Marroquin Imagine this: I present you a flower. It’s beautiful and yellow and bright and blossoming. I ask you, ‘How much does it weigh?’ You have no idea. I weigh it and tell you how many grams. I present a second flower. It’s bigger, fuller with more petals. It has muted purple tones, a scent that is [...]

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What’s A Body Issue Anyway?

Photo Credit: Nature.Lyophilisée   I just need to clarify here: Perfectly Me is not about body issues. Obviously, I believe positive body image is an important topic for discussion – a discussion that can help increase positive body image for one and all. The problem is when people confuse discussing body image with discussing body issues, an issue being something that [...]

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The Link Between Cancer and Joy

This is Rachel. Rachel has her very own beautiful chapter in Perfectly Me. Rachel has some pretty important stuff to tell us all about the link between cancer and joy. It’s not something she spoke about in the book so much… But boy is she speaking about it now. Rachel is the founder of The Joy Sanctuary. On her website, [...]

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Why unsustainability is totally ok…

I was thinking the other day about diets. All sorts of diets:  highly restrictive, detox, fad, seasonal, elimination, slimming, lifestyle etc etc And also thinking about the statistic getting around that says 95% of people who lose weight through dieting, will regain the weight they lose. Evidently this will happen when they no longer maintain their diet-imposed eating regime, because [...]

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On Being Beautiful

I shared the following quote on Facebook the other day, because it really got me thinking: "My body never did “bounce back” after babies, but I’ve moved beyond self-acceptance and into a whole new awareness of what it means to be beautiful." Beth Berry from her website, Revolution From Home. This quote speaks of moving from focussing on having a [...]

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